Are you stuck in a leadership rut?

As a leader in todays dynamic and complex business environment, you need to lead with creativity, innovation and inspiration.

But all the leadership content you find is standardized, dull and uninspiring.

not any more!

I enhance traditional leadership coaching with the Lego® Serious Play process for a hands-on, innovative, creative and fun leadership building experience!


If you are ready to explore and expand your innovative leadership skills like never before, read on to find out more about Lego® Serious Play. 

Lego® Serious Play is a problem-solving and creativity process that uses Lego® bricks to express and explore ideas. 

Building with Lego® bricks enhances creative thinking and communication skills. The process involves building physical models with Lego® bricks to help you explore complex topics and develop innovative solutions.

Lego® Serious Play and coaching combine to enable you to reflect on your personal leadership style, values, and beliefs, and explore creative new ways of leading your teams and organizations. 

Through coaching conversations and building with Lego® bricks, you will gain insights into your own behavior and decision-making processes and work on developing new innovative perspectives and approaches to leadership.

Lego® Serious Play enhances traditional leadership coaching with a hands-on and multisensory approach to explore complex topics.  Engaging the hands taps into both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, making you more creative and resourceful during coaching.

Building a model allows you to express and explore your ideas and thoughts in a tangible form, making it easier to describe, examine and enhance ideas. 

The model also creates a easy way to examine alternatives and experiment with different solutions, leading to more innovative and unconventional thinking.

This all combines to create a deeper understanding of the topic at hand and leads to a more creative and impactful coaching conversation, which facilitates your growth as a leader.

Coach Shawn

Creativity has been throughout my career and even my life.  I started my career 25 years ago as a hardware and software engineer at a startup company. 

While doing that, I also started to run the youth group at my church.  In the youth group, we would use activities and games to teach lessons, build relationships and drive self discovery. I asked myself, if it worked with teenagers, why wouldn’t it work for adults?

With that thought in mind, I started adding more play, fun and energy to meetings I ran at work.  I led senior executives to play with spaghetti and eggs to teach them about iterative development. I engaged team members in a white elephant exchange to prioritize work. I have run countless ice breakers and engaging workshops focused on fun with a purpose. 

Now, in this post Covid world, I am brining the fun, energy and deep discovery work of Lego Serious Play to remote coaching!  Are you ready to play, learn and grow?

Want to learn more about me?

prototype Your Leadership
With Lego® Serious Play

My 6 month Prototype Your Leadership with Lego® Serious Play program combines leadership coaching and Lego® Serious Play to build your innovative leadership skills.

I will send you a specialized set of Lego® bricks that we will use throughout the program and is yours to keep afterward.

The program kicks off with two modules:

Self Discovery

Through multiple avenues of self discovery, you will be firmly grounded and aware of your current leadership skills, your personal values and strengths as well as your own internal saboteurs. In essence, this establishes where you are now.

Ideal Leader

We will explore your idea of the ideal leader. What makes a leader a leader? Why do people follow them? You will get a sense of what you aspire to and areas where you want to to grow. In short, this is where you want to be in the future.

With our beginning and end in mind, we will work together to choose the focus areas of the program that will best meet your needs.  As you grow and adapt to the environment around you, we will always make adjustments to ensure you are maximizing your innovation and growth.

Each time we meet you will bring a current topic and we will examine it through the lense of your overall leadership growth plan.  Through the combination of Lego® Serious Play and coaching conversation, you will leave with tangible action and growth opportunities.

Possible focus areas

What My clients are saying

Prototype Your Leadership

with Lego® Serious Play
$ 2,000
  • Tailored to Your Needs
  • Lego Brick Kit (Mailed)
  • 6 Month Remote Program
  • 12 1-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Text and Email Check-ins
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • $400 / month or $2,000 one time payment
  • Free 30 Minute Chemistry Call to Explore Further

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